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A friendly reminder that the Montauk Century will take place this Sunday (May 18th). Ride your choice of 65 miles/100 miles/140 miles from the city through the Hamptons along the backroads. All routes end at Montauk. (Sneaky, huh?) Return transportation provided. Complete details at

Yes, this ride costs money -- the big once-a-year fundraiser for the 5BBC. Yours truly tour diretor.


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I got an Orbea (not verified)

I will be there, starting from Babylon. Any NYCC member wants a piece of me, come and join me. I will show you what's like doing sub LT training for over 5 hours. :-)

Watch out for the dude with a white Orbea.

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Alfredo (not verified)

Will be there @ Babylon LIRR, but probably see you as a blur...For the first 35 miles, I'll be a sweep marshal, number 23. After Patchogue, I'm zoomin'. If there's enough time, I'm heading to the Montauk Lighthouse and head for the finish at Ruschmeyer's.

Hope to see Marty Wolf going the other way....

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Jonathan Goodman (not verified)

I signed up for the ride but have some questions.

How is the course? Hilly, flat, windy, ...?

How many people are signed up or expected?

Will there be some paceline groups organized at the start?

How long is the ride back ty NYC? When does the train

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Anthony Poole (not verified)
Almost as flat as a pancake

I can answer some of your questions. The course is almost as flat as a pancake, except for the last three miles, where the road rolls a bit.

In terms of wind, it really depends on the weather. If you are going from Manhattan and you have a headwind, you can expect to have it all day for the 147 miles. Likewise, if it's behind you, it will be behind you all day, unless the wind changes direction.

I've done this ride twice: two years ago I had a headwind all the way; and last year I had a tailwind. Because the course is flat, it is fairly exposed.

Even if it is a cool day, which has been the case for the last two years, you will need sun protection if the sun is shining. Do not be fooled by the temperature.

I've not heard of any organised pacelines.

Last year, the organisers came up with a new route, which took the ride off main roads insofar as possible, which was much nicer to ride on, but it did add quite a lot of miles to the whole route.

You should contact the organisers about the train time home, as you need to book your place on it. The bikes are being taken back by truck, if you book. The LIRR will not allow you to just turn up and get on the train, even with a bike/train pass, so unless you have any other form of transport, it's over 100 miles back to Manhattan, even if you go the most direct route.

Enjoy the ride.

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