B18-20 going to Bloomin' Metric??

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"I'm aiming for the 6:40AM train to East Norwalk. Arrive @ 8AM. Collect swag & route map and hit the road approx. 8:30-8:45. I'd go at a slightly ""nimble"" pace.
Anyone want to join me? I promise I'll have a hang-over. ;-)

Either confirm by e-mail or just meet on the train ride up.


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Christian Edstrom (not verified)


Ivy, Marie St.Onge, David Hallerman (and a cast of other characters, I'm sure) will all be on the 6.40 train from GCT as well.

We'll likely be riding at a 18-20mph pace.

- Christian

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Ivy Pool (not verified)
See you Sunday!

Several others from the B-Sig emailed me today to say that they were going to do the Bloomin' Metric. Should be a fun group! See you on Sunday!

PS: Carol please do join us!

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Carol Wood (not verified)
Maybe I'll join you...

...if I can get up at that ungodly hour.

For anyone else who wants to go, you can register the day of (Sunday 5/18), for $28.

Train: R/T to East Norwalk stop on the New Haven line. (It's apparently a special stop on the 5:40 am and 6:40 am trains.)Remember to get your return ticket at the station.


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Don Belfer (not verified)
Bloomin' Metric

The return is from the same Station, East Norwalk. There is also a train departing GCT at the somewhat more civilized hour of 8:07 AM. I'll likely sleep in and be on that one.

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Carol Wood (not verified)
Excellent forecast for Sunday!
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Carol Wood (not verified)
6:40 train, eh?

And so just where were you this morning, Tim? There were four cars full of cyclists on the 6:40 train, but you were nowhere in sight. (More celebrating Saturday night than you counted on, perhaps?)

Ivy--I looked for you in the train but somehow managed to miss you throughout the day! Perhaps you sprinted ahead. I managed to talk David and Cathy into riding at a mellow pace for the first half, anyways. Recovery day.

Nice ride, no?

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Tim Casey (not verified)
6:42 train

I made the 6:42AM train which leaves GCT at 8:07AM ;-). It wasn't as crowded.
I eventually caught up with my group. Then I felt a little worn out.

Beautiful route. I'd ride there again if they can turn down the wind machine a little.

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Ivy Pool (not verified)
6:40 a.m. indeed!

We barely made the 6:40 a.m. train, but we were there! Christian and I spent most of the ride off the back, but managed to hammer the last third and make the 1:30 train back to NYC from Westport.

Perfect day, beautiful scenery, and nutella. Could we have asked for anything more?

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