STS A-19

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What a great series! The finale was a masterpiece (Skyline Drive/Greenwood Lake/Storm King/Garrison)! Kudos to Harvey & Russ. According to one altimeter 6500 cumulative feet of climbing, and 114 miles for me door-to-door. Thanks to the organizing team, everyone who led rides, and to all the participants as well.

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Robert Gray (not verified)
A-19 STS

Yes indeed, a great series with great routes and I hope some of you will lead rides over those routes during the rest of the year.
I promise to do the White Plains to Cold Spring myself. Let me hear from you and i will get you the cue sheets if you need them.

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adam a (not verified)
kudos to a19 sts leaders

hear! hear! folks, despite the rainouts, and my recurring blowouts, it was a series to remember, capped by the finest 100-miler i've yet pedalled through. another remarkable example of the generous cyclist sensibility that makes the NYCC such a remarkable organism.

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