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"""Also, this is a volunteer organization. Does that mean you're volunteering?""

That's precisely what he offered to do."

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Chris (not verified)
About the message board...

"Ok, my turn to weigh in on message board.

1. To me, moderation leads to censorship.

2. Allow anonymous posts. Just don't read them if you don't care for them. Less than 5% are really funny, or credible.

3. Don't waste time and energy responding to anon posts.
Ignore them

4. Don't get personal with real persons posting messages.

5. Make your point QUICKLY. I realize some of you are professional writers. Glad you can make a paycheck out of it. But, you do not prove anything to me that you can churn out 1000 words to every posting, like a boxer throwing jabs in the ring. It impresses me even less that you can write those 1000 words in 10 minutes. Go get a parade permit to celebrate your efficiency; sorry I can't attend. But let me be clear that I am not being negative towards professional writers; I have nothing against them or their craft. I am merely voicing (in print) my disdain for people who go on and on for the shear sake of it. It is like a person who likes to hear themselves talk, someone you are tempted to tell ""Would you mind taking a breath once in a while?"" as they talk non stop. I ask of all those long, intircate postings:
What does it gain to spend so many words on minutia??
Sorry, I digress.

6. Save your life force for real issues, ones that impact life and limb. Otherwise, Get on your bikes and ride

As for why I have so much time to write what cooler heads have already reasoned, I am suffering from an undisclosed injury, and am day-to-day. I hope to get back on the bike, do some hill training this week, and complete the A-Sig.

Oh, and Happy Mothers Day to all our mothers.


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