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The Fifth Annual Blessing of the Bikes
Saturday, May 17, 2003 – 2 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.
The Cathedral of St. John the Divine
110th Street and Amsterdam Avenue
New York, NY

Hi Friends,

Mark your calendar for this very special event.

We will be meeting on Saturday May 17, 2003 at 2 p.m. INSIDE the Cathedral of St. John the Divine WITH OUR BIKES for a brief Blessing of the Bikes.

Regardless of your religious beliefs (I happen to be Jewish – go figure!) it never hurts to have some extra help in your corner when you’re riding down Fifth Avenue in the rain during rush hour.

We’ll be holding this event INSIDE the Cathedral of St. John the Divine. If you’ve never been, this is one of the great cathedral’s in New York, if not the world. (Please… no cathedral-ranking e-mail from you architecture experts out there!)

Wear what you like – your usual cycling gear is fine – but if you have cycle shoes with exposed cleats, (and you don’t have rubber cleat covers…) you will be asked to take your shoes off and leave them at the door, so you
don’t scratch up the floors.

This event is beautiful but SHORT, so don’t be late! The Reverend will say a few words to us, and then walk among the crowd, sprinkling Holy Water on the cycles while we ring our bike bells.

We’ll also have a moment of silence for our fellow cyclists who have died over the past year.

Before you leave we will pass the hat (pass the helmet?) to raise some money for the church. They are not charging us for this event, and they do great work in the neighborhood for the homeless. (Besides, they have electricity and heating bills to pay too, just like everyone else…) No matter what your religion I personally believe that these folks deserve our support. The contribution is entirely voluntary, although I would suggest that you kick in as much as you spent during your last snack break while out riding. 100% of the money raised will go to the Cathedral.

This schedule is still a little loose, so your suggestions for music or other features are welcome. (Although we will be keeping it short, so no lengthy speeches, please!)

This free event presented by Bicycle Shows U.S. (the folks who put on the New York City Bicycle Show and the Boston Bicycle Show)

Drop me a note with your questions or suggestions. See you May 17th.

[email protected]

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BikerBoy (not verified)
Isn't this the annual event that the Church itself holds?

Glen, please don't take credit (i.e., you're presenting the event) where credit isn't due. DESPARATE, UGH!

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Glen (not verified)
Forgive Ignorant BikerBoy (He knows not what he does...)

Sorry silly rabbit.

While I do believe that this event belongs to the community, and everyone's input is welcome, I created this event from dust. It was my idea, I approached the church cold five years ago, and then worked out the details TOGETHER with them. I pay for the event out of my own pocket, and present it under the name of the small company that I own -- Bicycle Shows U.S. Hope you'll show, and hope that you'll do your homework before you flame!


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