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Is anybody riding to Nyack this Saturday or are you all sleeping in after those 10 weeks of SIG??


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John Bundy (not verified)
Nyack ride

I plan to do a ride to Nyack early Saturday morning, around 8 o'clock. I'll probably go up by the back roads and will return along 9W or 501. I won't spend a lot of time in Nyack, making a brief pit / water stop; I have to be back to the city by 12:00. You are welcome to join me if you like.

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John (not verified)
Nyack ride

Round trip in 4 hours? How fast will you be riding? And where's the meeting point?


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Tim Casey (not verified)
8:30 fromthe boathouse

I've also listed a ride for Nyack on Sat. 8:30 from the Boathouse. Using the SIG Nyack route cue sheet. I'm anticipating a larged group since it's listed in teh bulletin. We'll go at B18 pace but with a larger group our stops will be longer than John Bundy's ride.
Take your pick.


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