ride May 11

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B16 64 miles Oyster Bay 9:15/10-10:15am

From: 1st Ave & 60th St / Union Turnpike at Queens Blvd

Leader:Hal Eskenazi 917 822-5401 co-lead Peter Kouletsis [banana guy] 917 854-1181

Lunch on the water!

Join us for a beautiful, fun, ride, with some rolling hills, to Oyster Bay. We will meet at 1st Ave & 60th St, Manhattan at 9:15am and at 10-10:15am at the Union Turnpike [ Queens Blvd ] at Statue of Civic Virtue, for whoever wants to join us there. We will ride amongst the trees and beautiful homes of LI and stop for lunch at the park on the water. returning, we will be a terminating at the Statue of Civic Virtue for the E, F, R trains. Helmet & fun attitude required. rain or snow at 8am will cancel.

Hal Eskenazi
cell: 917 822-5401
Off: 212 575-0805
Fax: 212 575-5365
[email protected]

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banana guy (not verified)
I will co-lead from the back (with bananas, of course) (nm)

Your Mileage May Vary.
May be harmful or hazardous if taken internally.
The management is not responsible.
May cause irritation if taken seriously.

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banana guy (not verified)
Your Mileage May Vary (nm)
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