who wants to bet on tyler for the tour

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what a week for hamilton. looks like the posties will have some real competition this year, what with with ullrich back and hamilton so strong. i might even have to offer up a line on lance vs tyler and jan. wish i had oln...

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Evan Marks (not verified)
Jan? Haaaaa ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaa!!!

Enormous talent but without ability to see the big picture. Might do well just on stubbornness ... and that talent, but he's not gonna win it - does not have the mental toughness, and always manages to shoot himself in the foot.

Tyler - is he peaking now or still building up to it? That's the $64,000 question, but there's at least one other almost as big - is he over his run of bad luck or just getting a brief respite?

Lance - the guy we love to hate, huh? The question here is just the opposite: how long can his good luck last? The guy has had NO FLATS in 4 tours (a metaphor, BTW).

I don't have a clue to any of the above. I'm just gonna wait and see.

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Don Montalvo (not verified)
Jan can win if the TdF TT's are downhill

Otherwise my money is on Lance.

(Tyler is peaking too early)


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Ted (not verified)

he flated in the second tour, last stage, on the way into Paris if I remember right , still pretty damn fortunate he still won.....go Tyler!...go Lance!

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JP (not verified)
A good race.

Well, while most focus on Lance's DRIVE FOR FIVE, and while I feel almsot compelled to root for LA, I also want a good race, with some nail-biting and last minute/hour questions. A run-away gets boring. So, go Lance, but, go Tyler and Jan, too!

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