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Ascent from start to Wurtsboro: 3700'.
Ascent from Wurtsboro to Beacon: 2500'.
Total ascent: 6200'.
South Gully Rd from its start at rt 52 to summit: 1300' 7.6% average grade. Distance:3.2 miles. This does not include the ascent from Ellensville to it's start.
My average cadence was 61 rpms, ain't a triple grand...
Still, I finished 7 out of 9. A triple is no substitute for talent...

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John Z (not verified)
South Gully

This climb has a mystical feel to it, especially when misty or raining -- or snow, as I once experienced. No real views but a feeling that there is something at the end, the small village of Cragsmoor. Although I enjoy this aspect of the climb, I find it grueling. Its profile -- steep, level, steep -- does not suit me, as I am not a good out of saddle climber. Although its average is 8%, it seems steeper.

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Mordecai Silver (not verified)
South Gully Rd.

"If you ever have the chance, you should make a left turn in Cragsmoor on Sam's Point Rd. and climb up to the summit. The road is a little rough, but you'll be rewarded at the top with one of the most wonderful views in all of the Northeast. Sam's Point Preserve is home to dwarf pine barrens (one of a few remaining in the world), Lake Maratanza, and much else of great ecological interest. Some may remember this as Ice Caves Mountain, but the commercial enterprise is gone, since the Open Space Institute bought the Ice Caves. Even if you have to get off the bike and walk a little, you shouldn't miss it.

""I came out for exercise, gentle exercise, and to notice the scenery and to botanise. And no sooner do I get on that accursed machine than I go hammer and tongs.""
H.G. Wells"

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Herb (not verified)

and what was the age of the riders in front of you Hank?

I wouldn't be surprised they were all younger.

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Carol Wood (not verified)
If experience is any guide...

...Hank was probably waiting to make sure that Nos. 8 and 9 were okay.

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Charles (not verified)
Carol is correct... that Hank was waiting for me (9th out of 9) to crawl my way up South Gully Rd. Hey, what else is new?

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Hank Schiffman (not verified)

It is true. My age was greater than the sum of all 6 riders before me. But I'm younger now...
Incidentally, my father's father had a store in Wurtsboro in the late 1930's. My father said that the town was so poor that the main occupation was waiting for a truck to lose its brakes on the infamous Wurtsboro Hill and then pilfer the wreckage...

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Batman (not verified)
I'm younger than that now

">It is true. My age was greater than the sum of all 6 riders before me. ""But I'm younger now...""


Are you saying that you're a Vampire of some sort (:- =)?

Let’s see, average age of people on your rides–lets say 35 x 6 = you’re like 211? No wonder you’re so wise.

Is that really Red Gatorade you drink all the time, and What SPF sunscreen do you use?


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John Z (not verified)
Hank can Climb

"I don't think last Saturday's results truly reflect Hank's climbing ability. Last August, he finished with a near elite time (age unadjusted!) in the Mount Washington race, a climb a bit more difficult than South Gully Road. This Saturday, the A-Classic STS ""graduation"" ride comes within 3 miles of the infamous Glade Hill Road, a climb ascending nearly the same vertical gain as South Gully Road but in only 1.9 miles, for an average grade of greater than 12%. I sent a general email offering to lead anyone desiring a detour to Glade Hill and so far only Hank responded -- yes of course! Gotta love the heart."

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andrew messick (not verified)

as the eigth out of nine up south gully, i was pining for a triple.....

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