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hey folks, i'm in the market for just a wireless cyclometer, with cadence ability. any tips? anything to stear clear of?

ps. thanks robert meyer for your advice on the combined unit. i'm going to take your advice.

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Evan Marks (not verified)
Specialized Speedzone Pro

Cadence is wired, everything else is wireless. I don't think a truly wireless cyclocomputer *with cadence* actually exists.

This one gives you several additional goodies (temperature, altitude, and inclination) at the expense of readings that lag about 4 - 5 seconds behind. Also, although there is a ton of info available, you can only view current speed + one other item. You can scroll thru all the other items but still have to settle for speed plus one.

For fully-wired cadence, I still like the Cateye Astrale better - readings are immediate - but it's a nuisance to install.

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Robin (not verified)
wireless cadence does exist

"I had a Polar Xtrainer Pro and now a newer Polar heart rate monitor/cyclocomputer; they both have cadence attachments you can buy separately that are indeed wireless and they worked great.

However, I now have a new carbon bike and the cadence monitor was not functioning on it so I had to send it back to Polar to be ""boosted""; I have been told that sometimes people have problems getting the signal on their carbon bikes.

It is easy to install and no messy wires that can get caught and break. Also combining the HRM with the cyclocomputer leaves you with just one device on your handlebars. The readout shows 3 things at once, your choice. Cadence, HR, time, speed or distance, averages, etc."

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Herb (not verified)
wireless cadence

Evan, The Shimano Flight Deck has a virtual cadence feature.

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Evan Marks (not verified)
Strictly speaking...

...virtual cadence isn't...

Oh, never mind ;^/

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basil (not verified)

I have zero to limited knowledge of the other products mentioned but I would say if you like gadgets/computers/analysis/more info than you can handle, check out Ciclosport's offering - the top model (which includes everything under the sun) is, I think HAC4 (or similar) and all info is downloadable to your PC where you can spend hours/days analysing your performance ad nauseam!
Features can include speed, altitude, grade, cadence, power (not as accurate as some other systems, as far as I know), temperature and heart rate.
The CM414 Alti M (which I use - and haven't yet hooked up the optional cadence) does not have heart rate.
www.ciclosport.de (if I remember correctly) is the web site.

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Paul (not verified)
Shimano Flightdeck 6501

If you have a shimano grouppo, get the wireless flightdeck. It calculates your cadence based on your speed and gear. It doesn't know when you are pedalling, so it will always read out a cadence. This is not a problem though, because as long as you feel your legs, you'll know your pedalling, and whether or not the cadence reflects reality. I have it, and have also used the astrale. The flightdeck is really great. Enjoy


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D S (not verified)

I also have the Polar Xtrainer Pro and agree with Robin that it works great. Only thing is that the cadence read out is small.

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Carol Wood (not verified)
Meet the rep

There's a Polar display ar at this weekend's Bike Show--maybe it's part of Sid's booth. (Polar isn't a listed exhibitor.) Anyways, someone considering this equipment might find it helpful to talk to the rep there.


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Evan Marks (not verified)
wireless cadence

Vetta V100:


Brand new - one wireless pickup on the fork, another on the stay.

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Doug (not verified)
wireless cadence

"I have this one. Works great. However, on the install, if the magnet is literally just 1MM from the intended area of the sensor pickup, it won't give you a read, so I've found. Have to find the ""sweet spot."" Really easy to install too."

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