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I figure the best way to make sure I get on the bike during the week is to make a commitment.

Prospect is so nice now that they've repaved it. I'll be submitting the following write-up, but till it gets on the e-mail list:

Thursday Nights in Prospect Park with Bill

Meet @ 6:45 p.m. at the Union Street entrance to Prospect Park.

We will attempt to maintain an A-19 pace, but anyone can come along. If you drop off the back or sprint off the front, meet us when we re-group around 8:00ish or when it gets darkish, (this will vary as the season progresses). Then we’ll find a bike friendly, (outdoor seating), café for dinner in Park Slope.

Light-weight pocket-sized cable lock, blinky lights, and MetroCard suggested. Non-A-rider types welcome.

Contact Bill: (w) 212-630-0379, (h) 718-832-3588

If for some reason the leader can’t show, that should not stop you.

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bill vojtech (not verified)
by the way...

I didn't say what date I planned to start the ride.

Thursday, May 1 , 2003

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Eden J. Weiss (not verified)
B rider in Prospect looking for cyclists to join me for laps

"I am B rider, (about to complete my first B 17 sig),and am looking for B riders to train with. I usually average about 14-15 m.p.h. by myself and ride between 5-7 laps (approx.17-24 miles)mid-week, depending on the day, weather, time etc.Please either call Eden at (718)686-0610 or send me an e-m. I'd love the company. I'd be happy to try to speed up to stay with you or slow down if my pace is too fast.By the way the B Sig was fantastic. I give the club big thanks for providing this great training/instruction course for our members.I especially want to thank my leaders: Rick, Linda and Cathy for their support, valuable instruction and dedication. My ""middle group"" B 17 Siggies have been wonderful to ride with.I was a B 16 Siggie for the first week and also want to thank leaders Mark Gelles and Margorie for their encouragement."

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