"Manhattan Loop Nears--A Dream for (B&C) Pedal Pushers"

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long article in Sat. Times (4/26 B1)

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Carol Wood (not verified)

Check it out. You can also find out how old Ed Ravin is.


That UN stretch is infuriating--where you most need an alternative to the Midtown Death Race.

P.S. Oh! But it's also a great place for stargazing at celebrities, diplomats, and an extremely talented and good-looking cyclist named John Zenkus.

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John Z (not verified)
Home to Some


This is where I live of which you ill speak!

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Old Butch (not verified)

"I not only know how old ""Ed"" is, I know his real name is Leon.

I used to beat him up in the 3rd grade!"

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