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Now that the weather is getting nicer (at times) and it's staying light later, I'm looking for places to ride in Manhattan after work (like the 6-8 time period). Central Park is a little far away, but it is an option. Where do people like to ride? I don't have time to get all the way to the GW and back before dark, but I would like to get out. I live in the Union Square area and was thinking about just going crosstown to the West Side path, but there has to be something better, right?



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mouse (not verified) stool.....

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John Z (not verified)
After Work Options


The Hudson River bike path is not a bad option for an easy ride; you just can't go that fast. You could head west on 14th then north and back, or head south and round over to the east side then up to 34th (ish) where the trail ends then head back. Another option is to cross one of the bridges and ride over in Brooklyn. When looking for an easy ride after work (I live in Midtown)I will often ride the east side bike trail down to the Brooklyn Bridge, cross it ride through Brooklyn Heights up to Prospect Park for a lap or two and head back.

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Evan Marks (not verified)

...after crossing the Bkln Bridge, head north along the waterfront, cross the Pulaski into Queens and over the Qnsboro back to Manhattan. Best on weekends when the commercial waterfront areas are mostly deserted, but do-able on a weekday nonetheless.

The worst part of this ride? Terrifyingly oblivious pedestrian traffic on the Bkln Bridge. Go slow.

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Carol Wood (not verified)

"I'm too lazy/fatigued/depressed after work to ride like this on my own. (And too disgusted with internal combustion. Last night, in a rare display of energy, I went running after work on the Kips Bay bike path. Every city street, the entire FDR, every on-ramp and off-ramp was thick with foul-smelling automobiles. I thought I had died and gone to Los Angeles. It's never this bad in the morning.)

HOWEVER, if you energetic guys were to put together an improptu ride of this nature, I would go! How about it?

Great way to convert lazybones like me! (And then we finish, of course, on bar stools recommended by ""mouse."")"

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george (not verified)
brooklyn bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge is best left to the hordes of walkers. I prefer the Manhattan Bridge although you do have to dismount to get down the stairs on the Brooklyn end.

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Rosario (not verified)

Some of us ride *BACK TO* Manhattan after work, from Westchester.

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JP (not verified)

"Well, the Hudson River path is fine for an easy spin. Warm up going uptown, go past the bridge, up a fairly steep hill, over the ped bridge, then head south on Ft. Wash/Riverside. Of course, now with ""warmer"" weather, Fred, Betty, Tom, Dick and Harry are out on the path too. So warm-up north, and free-ride south on Riveside.

Also, you can just stay north on Ft. Wash and after some hills, you end up at a dead-end, 191 St. and Ft. Tryon Park/The Cloisters: a 1 (?) mile lap that is different.

Also, for people in downtown Manhattan, a nice break is the Brooklyn Bridge to Prospect Park. From the Manhattan side to PP is about 4 (?) miles. Laps are 3.35. But wait until the paving is done."

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