Tom is racing at Prospect Park this Sat.

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  • Tom is racing at Prospect Park this Sat.
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I do hope I will see him there but won't compete him since we are in different cat. I am just a lowly cat 5 racer. Let's hope Prospect Park will be race ready. I am just wondering can his 35+ body sustain 20+ mph flying that uphill and be able to recover afterward??? To do this for 10 laps. Yes, Tom, you need to be able to fly up that hill at 20+ mph. Otherwise, you are toasted. I see you there, Tom.

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John Z (not verified)

Who is this creep? Anyone know? If he is truly riding an Orbea, he should stick out like a Pinata at a Mexican birthday party.

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Sore Thumb (not verified)

Better yet, he'd stick out like.... Tom L in a pack of racers!

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Tom Laskey (not verified)
The Return

Hey Victor, glad to hear you're going to try racing. I'll look for you tomorrow morning but if I don't see you before the race, good luck. I know you'll do well.

Sore Thumb or is it Cat 3 or maybe the Grinch? Will I see you tomorrow morning? How will I know you? I'll want to wish you good luck as well.

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I got an Orbea (not verified)

Quite a fast pace there, 25 mph average speed. 37 mph top speed. Everyone is doing 20 mph on that hill. Almost finished the race with the cat4. :)

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