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Hello all,

It's clear NYCC can supply anyone's cycling club needs and
then some, still I was wondering what, if any, is the norm
about joining multiple clubs in the area.

...lots of people do it, is it a big no no, totally fine, tabu,

Any thoughts welcomed.



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Tim Casey (not verified)
Join away!!

I am, along with many others, a member of CRCA. It hasn't presented any conflict of interest. If you live nearer to L.I., Westchester, or N.J. you might choose to also support the clubs out there, too.
I think if you can support 2 or 3 clubs, everybody wins.
If you choose to lead rides for 1 or more clubs, that's even better. NYCC rides are sometimes co-listed with 5BBC.


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Isaac Brumer (not verified)
Joining other clubs

I belong to the NYCC, as it is my main source for group cycling activities.

I also belong to the 5BBC because I occasionally ride with them, want to stay in the loop and in general want to support cycling.

I belong to Transportation Alternatives, because I want my right to cycle protected.

Isaac Brumer

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Eloy Anzola (not verified)

Thank you for your answers, just joined NYCC last Friday..., will probably join and support other clubs...


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Jay (not verified)
I am a member of 4 or 5 clubs

All of them have nice people but I actually enjoy riding with NYCC the best!

There is nothing wrong with multiple memberships-It doesn't make me a traitor. Once in a while when we don't have a B ride, I go with one of the others. I have enjoyed the 5BBBC Montauk Century--in fact the NYCC has in the past organized a group of its members to ride in it! When I lead a ride I also list it with the fledgling Rockland County Club

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