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"Are there rides in the NY City area marked with arrows on the roads? In our area, the Brevet series is well marked with little ""B""s on the road. Find the first ""B"" and you're on the way.

Any rides in the NY area like that? I'm visiting NY city and am trying to figure out a way to go for an 85 mile ride without having to stop at every corner to read a cue sheet.


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Tim Casey (not verified)
Check out our ride library

NYCC has a ride library of cue sheets. Bear mountain is listed as 110 miles but there is a more direct route up 9W and back that is around 85. Rockland State park is a nice loop off the beaten path. Chappaqua is a nice route.

Look up:



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Hajo Thiele (not verified)

If you want to ride 85 miles, just ride and forget about a cue sheet; if the ride is 80 or 90 miles at the end, because of a wrong turn or an unexpected short-cut, who cares. In any event, it would be a nice long ride.

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Bob Fischer (not verified)

I'm not opposed to just riding, but I'd like to increase the likelihood of interesting riding. Tour de Junk Yard or Rhonde van Pothole aren't on my must-ride list. Other than ariving in NY for three AIDS rides, I'm not even slightly familiar with NY riding. Do you have any general suggestions like, go over the GW and head towards xyz?

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Carol (not verified)
Join a Club Ride

"We list lots of rides every weekend, so you're likely to find one at a speed and distance that's suitable to you. You don't have to be a member to ride with us, although if you do an ""A"" ride they'll want to know if you're skilled at pacelining.

We do have one arrowed route, but there's no guarantee all the arrows will be there at this point. It's painted once a year in late September/early October for our Century ride. If some roads have been paved over since then, some arrows could be missing and you could get very lost. You're better off joining us for a listed ride."

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