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Turns out there is hope for the world. Lance & Kristin are reconciling their marriage. Regarding the pressures on their marriage, Kristin says, ``We've had six homes, three languages, two countries, one cancer comeback, three children, four Tour de France wins and one rise to celebrity,'' she said. ``You're not supposed to cram such a huge amount of events into such a small period of time.'' Ain't that the truth...

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JP (not verified)
Gears of Our Lives

When lance rides, I watch. When he's off the bike, unless it's cycle-related, it's just a sopa opera. I do not care with whom he is or is not carnally involved.

I wish him and whoever his S.O. is, happy home-lives.

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Herb Dershowitz (not verified)

Carnally involved? John, did you learn that in the SIG.
Go out and ride your bike.

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NYCC member (not verified)
Hmmm....I don't recall teaching any carnal skills last year

to the A-19 Siggies.

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JP (not verified)
Now Herb ... !!!


You promised not to tell. Next, you'll be selling publishing rights for the photos??? ;-)


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