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Re the weekly email segment below, this is gonna be a great weekend. We get 34 days for the price of a 3 day weekend.

3. The Berkshires Weekend

What are you doing this Memorial Day Weekend? Why not join your fellow NYCC
members for a fantastic weekend in the unparalleled splendor of the
Berkshire hills for 3­4 days of great cycling, eating and fabulous scenery.

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Tom Laskey (not verified)
Ron Einstein

Thanks for pointing that out Ron. Any more observations?


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Ron Kahn (not verified)
Reply: Tom

Nah, Tom, no more observations. It's just that to do 34 days in a 3 day weekend you've gotta go at close to relativistic speeds. When I was younger and rode my tandem alot, we were about to complete a 5 hour century. There were 3 miles left and 5 minutes to do it in. My girlfriend wanted me to pick up the pace so we would beat our determined time. I kept thinking of the Airplane-3/5th of a mile in ten seconds, and laughed. Well, she got pissed, and as a result, put her feet on the rear bars in protest. She was only 5 feet tall. We finished a few minutes over 5 hours that day. So, the 34 days remark brought back some fond memories. That's what I was thinking when I responded. In fact, the next weekend, she busted me on another century while on her single, but then said she had enough at around 50 miles (close to the starting point)and was going to go home. I asked how I would get home and she told me to ride. That would have been a competitive 140 mile day. Oh, the memories. Racing is a lot easier. See ya tomorrow in Propect.

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