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g'day yawl!
are there any club members out there who have info on the following:

A) experience cycling in the Pittsburgh area?
B) been a member of any of the area bicycle clubs and participated in the rides they lead?
C) attended the university of pittsburgh, grad or undergrad?
D) how bicyclist friendly is pittsburgh?

no need to post to the board - can e-mail me directly. thanks in advance.
ride easy and ride safe.
bill strachan
[email protected]

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<a href="http://www.OhReallyOreilly.com">Peter O'Reilly</a> (not verified)
West Penn Wheelmen Bike Club
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charlie ward (not verified)
Bikin' in the 'Burgh

I grew up in the 'Burgh. Got my B.A. from Pitt.

Pgh is very hilly. The car-oriented denizens are not used to cyclists and, if you ask me, not too friendly to cyclists.

There are lots of bike groups, including the Western Pennsylvania Wheelmen. Of course, the cycling scene is nothing like our City.

My brother-in-law (Wayne) owns a great bike shop in Dormont, just on the other side of the Liberty Tubes. It's called West Liberty Cycles and their telephone number is 412-343-4230.

- Charlie

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Not a NYCC member (not verified)
I miss Pittsburgh.

I graduated from THE OTHER university in Pittsburgh. Although hilly from the onlook, Pittsburgh is actually an awesome place to ride bikes. The terrain are hilly in general. The hills are steep, but not long. Most routes are to the north of allegniny(sp?) river. Green belt, orange belt and yellow belt are all good. Beautiful roads, little traffic. Oscar Swan has put together all the routes that exist in the area:
The local races are organized by Allegeny Cycling Association (www.acaracing.com), takes place at a half mile long velodrome called Washington Oval. Not a real track 'drome. Miguel Induran actually came when the velodrome was first built.
Another event that you just have to try out is an annual ride called Dirty Dozen, taking place on the weekend of Thanksgiving. The ride covers 13 of the steepest hill around Pittsburgh area. You haven't seen hills until you've done this. People get mountain bike derailleurs and cassettes put on their road bike for the ride.

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