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"Today I lead a ride for the A-19 STS to Harriman State Park and Storm King Hwy. On the way there (following a great cue sheet by Hank Schiffman) we stopped at a pizza place in Garnerville, NY on Route 33 North, at the
corner with Suffern Ln.
The owners of the place were extremely nice to us. They even pulled out a basket of fresh fruit for us,
on the house.
Apparently the owners recently bought the place and count on the business of cyclists going up to Harriman. They recommended to call in advance, so that they can have stuff ready for us.
The sign of the pizza says ""Patricia's Pizza"", but the
business card I got says ""New York Bros Pizza"". The
number is 845-947-2415.
I hope I am not violating any board policy with this post, but they were so nice to us that I would think if you go up that way, you should definitely stop there.


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Jay (not verified)
Best pizza in the world is in Rockland County!

The best pizza is near many of our bike routes (Piermont) It's Mountain House, Sparkill NY. They usually have some tables outside in the warm months. The pizza crust is VERY THIN and my favorite topping is bacon. (I can not enjoy pizza in ITALY or Chicago anymore, knowing that it is better in our own backyard!) Similar great thin crust pizza at Nanuet Restaurant, Middletown Rd, just North of Pearl River

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Rosario (not verified)

Of course the goal of the post was to point out the bike-friendliness of the establishment. I have no idea how the pizza was there, since I had a grilled chicken sandwich.

Being from Italy, I find it hard to believe that a pizza place in Sparkill has better pizza than the one I grew up with, but I will try it next time I am up there.

Actually I was there this morning, rode by the restaurant, but they were closed.


p.s. I agree that the best pizza has a thin crust, but
not too thin.

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