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"I am happy to say that numerous calls/emails/inquiries have come in about the ride. To answer a few items for all, just in case you are too shy to ask:

1.) This is listed as an A19 ride. Because we will be riding in urban areas on a Sunday afternoon, there will be traffic, stop lights, families in parks, kids in bike lanes and other inhibitors to our progess. If you fall off, make efforts to catch up at these slowed locations. Don't expect to paceline and outright hammer for the whole (or even much) of the event. On short climbs and stretches of open road, we will aspire for A19-paced riding.

2.) Prospect Park is being (re)paved. Prospect Park is on the route, regardless of condition... think of it as special NYC-style pave.

3.) If you would prefer to ride a mountain or cyclocross bike, feel free.

4.) Riding a fixed gear is absolutely possible. I have done most sections at one time or another without problem. 1 or 2 of the climbs may be a little tough but are manageable if you have the legs. Mine is 52x20.

5.) If you get lost, bored, tired, whatever, there is a map and cue sheet. Hop on the subway or ride straight to the bar. How may rides can make that claim?

6.) Don't want to ride and instead go straight to the restaurant/bar? No problem.

7.) There is another cobblestone C ride happening on Saturday (see the main page). I've heard that another B/C group may be forming for Sunday. If so for Sun, organize yourselves and feel free to use the cue from online. See you out there.

8.) http://www.demel.net/pr

9.) 2:00pm ride start. 4:00pm at 66 Water Street. If we get pinched for time during the ride, there are some shortcut possibilities to get to 66 Water Street. No cobbles will be skipped.

10.) Have some fun!

On a final note, anyone want to co-lead or take the ""sweeper"" position? I think the group will be a good size and assistance might be useful."

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John Z (not verified)
Great Fun

What a fun ride (race?) -- quite spirted, providing the true flavor of Euro cobbles. I want to again thank Scott for putting this together.

We should do something similar for the Tour de France. July 13th is the Alpe d'Huez stage. I am thinking we could do a one-way ride to Bear Mountain, then train back to the city in time for the stage's 5:00 OLN rebroadcast. Route options run from moderate (ENY route through Saddle River, 202, Calls Hollow, Mott Farm Rd, 9W, then the final climb) to more challenging (Skyline, Hogback, 106 down to 9W, then the final climb). More details to follow...

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hannah (not verified)
Tour de France ride

This is a great idea and the perfect type of thing for the BikeSummer calendar. http://www.bikesummer.org

deadline for printed calendar = 4/30


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Steve W (not verified)
Kudos to Scott

I second John Z's views. The ride was quite fun. The cobble sections certainly showed a NY flavor, given that many of them have large potholes. The pace was high where we could do it. The only downside was the timing, having to contend with a beautiful spring afternoon in Brooklyn.

The Water Bar was a good gathering place. The other patrons have probably never seen a group of spirited cycling fans.

Well done, Scott!

Steve W

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tony (not verified)
Thanks for a great day

"As ""guests"" on your ride, I have to say we were impressed with how friendly everyone was, the great camaraderie on the ride and the terrific atmosphere at the water Street Bar. Great idea, great route, great fun!

Thanks again Scott!

Tony and Alex (the guys from NJ)"

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Evan Marks (not verified)
Good cue sheet...

...I needed it.

Now tell me, was that reeaaalllyy an A19 pace???

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ScottD (not verified)

My computer stated 15.9mph average, which is right on target for an A19 pace. Of course, that is 12-14mph starting through all those busy neighborhoods and 20-22+ mph hammering back up to Dumbo. We missed Phil Liggett's opening commentary but that's about all!

I admit, I underestimated Sunday afternoon traffic and had to make up with speed and shortcuts.

BTW, our fearless A-ride coordinator, Robert Gray, did an outstanding job at his duties... he contacted OLN to find out the broadcast schedule weeks before anyone knew.

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John Z (not verified)

This was not your typical A-19 ride! I saw 25 mph on more than one occasion. The very fast starts were tough, given I was riding a mountain bike. I guess I got my interval training in for the week...

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basil (not verified)
Sorry I missed BK Pave ride today........

I misjudged time to get to Brooklyn and arrived too late (2.12pm) for start (and hadn't printed cue sheet before I left home).

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Tony (not verified)
BK Pave article on Daily Peloton website

"Hi guys!

I've posted a short article with some pictures on the Daily Peloton website.

Here's the link:
BK Pavé

I've also e-mailed all the decent shots to Scott in a separate message.


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