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Only thing I've heard was from the manager's office that it's going to take a lot longer than expected.
Has anybody been there recently? How much of the road is dug up?

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JP (not verified)

With the snow, no one I know has been there or has any heads-up. But, I bet the snow delayed things even more - can we spell F**K?!?

I'll try and hit CP tomorrow - I need to ride and that trainer ... ahhhgggggg.

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george (not verified)
prospect park

As of Sunday at it was still unpaved from the Grand Army Plaza entrance all the way down the west side of the Park. V. poor.

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ScottD (not verified)
Status as of Wed (Apr 9)

As of Wednesday night (Apr 9), the following areas are *not* yet in the process of resurfacing:

- South edge of the pond at the bottom of the hill,
- East side of the park from Parkside/Ocean entrance to Grand Army Plaza.

This is about 60% of the perimeter drive. The park is ridable, though you may not thoroughly enjoy it.

Judging from the equipment onhand, the whole perimeter may be scraped before the new asphalt is put down... but oh how sweet it will be!

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David Hallerman (not verified)
Closed to Cars in AM?

Also wondering: in the recent TA newsletter, it said the all-summer hours agreement implemented for ProPark also means that come Daylight Savings Time, the park would be closed to cars all morning...including the 7am to 10am slot.

Is that true?

David, who might do hill repeats in the morning if true

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Hamburger Earmuffs (not verified)
I'm fairly involved w/ TA also, but ...

I haven't heard anything about the park closing to the morning rush hour (7am-9am)

That would be absolutely amazing though.

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Eden J. Weiss (not verified)
More on P.P.( I rode there today) and the bike maint. workshop

More of the park has been razed or scaped to prepare it for resurfacing. None of it has been resurfaced yet. However, you can do hill repeats and also use the tranverse, starting before the zoo and turn around at the end the transverse and just after the hill at the Grand Army Plaza entrance and avoid all of the poor surface. Mtn. cyclists might not mind the razed surface, but I tried riding on it with my rode bike and it was lousy. I got in a good hill repeat workout though.
I'll see my B sig mates on Sat. or Sun. depending on the weather.
Thanks to the people who put together the bike maint. class on Tues. It was very informative and the instructor was great.

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henry (not verified)
DOT resurfacing schedule

"This DOT page has links to the weekly resurfacing schedule for the 5 boroughs. It looks like it's updated weekly but does not list ""project plans"", only work scheduled for the week.


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