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Scott Demel is doing an A19 over the cobblestones of Brooklyn on Sun 4/13

Marina Bekkerman & I are running a C12 over the B-Q cobblestones on Sat 4/12. We meet at 10AM in front of the Food Emporium at 1st Av & East 59 St (Manhattan.)

Looks like it'll be a cobblestone weekend.


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ScottD (not verified)
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I'd love to learn about your route specifics and where you have found cobbles. My route mainly focuses on western/shoreline Brooklyn, though I am sure more are around. Finding concentrated areas of cobble is difficult.


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Isaac Brumer (not verified)

Good morning Scott, The ride emphasizes the western shoreline, with a loop around Red Hook. The cobbles are near the QBB, in Dumbo and Red Hook. We're probably covering similar territory.

Happy riding!

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