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Does anyone know if there are any places in or close to Grand Central Terminal designated for bike parking? I am going to be commuting for work and ideally would like to leave an old bike locked up so I can ride it in the city. Thanks for any info you might have.
- mike

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Isaac Brumer (not verified)

Depends on how close. 1166 6th (bet 5-6 on the 45th St side) has nice new racks. But they're little on the obscure side.

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Laura Selikson (not verified)
Bike Parking

I ride a bike in NYC all the time. I use my good bike for weekend, club rides. But for the city, I use an old bike (I buy them used), use a VERY GOOD lock (I have come to realize that only the NEW YORK LOCK - about $80 or $90 - with the rear wheel and frame chained with it, and a kryptonite lock on the front tire -- really do the trick. If you have those 2 locks, you can park anywhere, just on any thin pole,on almost any street, and then just leave the bike parked. This method is very convenient. Hope this helps. Laura

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Commutant (not verified)

I've been commuting by bike daily for 15 years.

I'd agree 110% that a cheap, old beater is the way to go, but I only use a couple of inexpensive hardware store chains and locks. Kind of ironic spending $100+ for locks to secure a $60-70 bike, no?

Nope, and I've never had one stolen either. Who'd bother?

As for curbside parking, be very careful of the curb you choose. Trucks maneuvering into parking spots often back up over the curb and can bang your bike. See all those pretzeled bikes locked up to street signs? That's how they got like that. Whenever possible, use bike racks away from the street. Large office buildings sometimes have them, vest pocket parks usually do - hunt around on your lunch hour and see.

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Patricia Janof (not verified)
Bike Parking

You could call or email Transportation Alternatives; they just published a booklet about indoor bike parking. (The site map showed nothing near Grand Central, though.) Still, someone there should be aware of outdoor or indoor parking facilities. Phone #: (212) 629-8080; email [email protected]; web site:

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N.B. (not verified) & trans alt: indoor bike parking

These are very short lists.

Trans alt rates the garages for safety.

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mike (not verified)
bike parking


Much good feedback. Now, if I can just get used to riding in these April blizzards!


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