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As of April 2, about 1/2 of West Dr., from Grand Army Plaza to and passed 3d St., is torn-up. Large grooves, rubble all over ... and , the glass pieces that they use in asphalt is all over the place - as if someone broke 2,000 bottles. The tar sticks to your tires. Work crews and trucks abound too. If you must, stay east and do hill repeats.

Please post up-dates!!

Thanks, John JP

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Hamburger Earmuffs (not verified)
My cross bike is going to see a lot more action

Any idea how long this project will take? Are they doing the entire loop?

Hill repeats in P'Park? Where would you do those?

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Hamburger Earmuffs (not verified)
answered my own question (and yours JP)

A representative from Mike Gratton's office (general manager of P'Park?) returned my phonecall to inform me that repaving will strech from G.A.P. to Ocean Ave/Parkside Exit, and what was once estimated to take 1 week will now take 2-3 weeks.

Don't pack up your rollers just yet all you Bklynites

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JP (not verified)

Thanks for the heads-up, Ham.


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Eden J. Weiss (not verified)
Re-paving update and more

Thanks, I am a loop rider of P.P. I rode there on Wed. If you take the transverse, before the zoo, going in the direction of traffic, of course, you enter and exit the roadway (before and after) the razed portion. This of course may change but try it because the razed portion is unrideable,certainly with a thin tire road bike. Mountain cyclists may have different view, but I wouldn't try it.
In addition, if there are NYCC Prospect loop riders who would like company(I ride about 14-15 m.p.h, when riding alone please give me a call (718)686-0610 or email me at [email protected](that's my marathon PR and I couldn't resist).I'm currently a B17 siggie and loving it.
Thanks to the leaders of the B sig for letting us know tonight about tomorrow's cancellation. I'd have to get up at about 6:00AM to check with someone or peruse the bulletin, since I ride in from Brooklyn to the start of the Sig each week. I'll see my sig buddies on Sunday in the wind.

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ScottD (not verified)


I certainly favor a delay in work progress since this will meld quite well with my Paris-Roubaix inspired ride next Sunday, April 13. Prospect Park is on the route, regardless of condition... it's downright smooth by comparison to the other areas I have mapped.

Once again, the BK delivers!

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