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"while i do marginally appreciate the supposed benes of electronic media, i am still very retro (use rat traps on my bike pedals). there is something esthetically pleasing to be able to digitally (to hold with one's hands) grasp our club missive of events and news. a certain sensuous pleasure to it. something tangible so to speak.
i have just been informed via our esteemed editor that i should not expect to receive a hard copy of the the club bulletin until next monday, april 7, with no explanation as to why.
two months ago i could understand the delay due to a death in the family of the printer. no problem. however, march's edition didn't arrive until the 11th, and now we have to wait until a quarter of the month has transpired to peruse this copy even though the deadline for submissions was at least a week earlier than normal due to the editor's vacation plans.
is there anything that may be done to remedy this condition? (other than the simplistic ""just go on line."" or ""why don't you be the editor if you think you can do a better job."")
any suggestions to the powers that be?
thanks. (awaiting with bated breath)
ride easy and ride safe.


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Bill Vojtech (not verified)

Download it, print it and read it.

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Robin (not verified)
complaints vs. solutions

">>is there anything that may be done to remedy this condition?

As former webmaster, a position in many ways similar to Bulletin editor, this question was frequently posed to me by club members concerned about the lack of this or the unwanted frequency of that.

I always found it curious that the question suggested that the person assumed that something could be done, like, automatically, without any personal involvement.

This is just a gentle reminder that this club of what, 1800+ people, is run by, maybe, 8? 10? Monthly meetings and special events are planned and produced, membership is managed, rides are coordinated, bulletins and websites and email announcements are constantly and consistently published and updated by these pitifully FEW volunteers.

What ""could be done"" is more people could step up, put their money where their mouths are and volunteer a few hours a month. With the bulletin getting so popular and voluminous, it seems like a good time for an Assistant Editor to help share the load.

As an alternative, the editor could burn out in a few months, and the club would beg and plead for a new volunteer to ""take on a great job!"" and we could all hold our collective breath until someone finally concedes, resentfully, ""ok, I'll do it, but just for a month!!""...and on and on down the painful line.

It's your choice, and it's YOUR club.

Robin Read"

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Tom Laskey (not verified)
Ditto what Robin said (nm)
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Ed White (not verified)
Thank you, volunteers.

There are two things that amaze me about the NYCC:

1. The NYCC is a robust organization with lots of great activities and wonderful VOLUNTEERS organizing them. Believe me, I am very busy. But I have no doubts that the VOLUNTEERS in this club are also busy, and it never ceases to amaze me how they take so much time out of their busy schedules to make my life (and that of other NYCC members) so much better. For this, I am TRULY GRATEFUL.

2. In light of my gratefulness for the time that VOLUNTEERS spend on this club, it amazes me that some other people are not always so grateful and are dismayed when the VOLUNTEERS do not live up to their high expectations. Unfortunately, it happens not only with the NYCC, but with most volunteer organizations.

You ask what could be done about the bulletin being late occasionally? The answer is that YOU can VOLUNTEER to help the editor. That is how this club works…with VOLUNTEERS.

Frankly, the job of bulletin editors strikes me as one that gets little praise when things go right, but lots of criticism when they don’t. I’m not sure why anyone would volunteer for that job (not that I’m discouraging anyone from doing it!) Let me just say right now, THANK YOU to the bulletin editor for all your hard work, and I’m not going to complain when my bulletin is late in the mail occasionally.

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Hank Schiffman (not verified)
appreciation of the fine work on The Bulletin

Not wanting to start an amen corner, I do want express my appreciation of the fine work on The Bulletin executed by editor Diane Goodwin. We all recongnize quality when we see it.

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Don Montalvo (not verified)
Re: delayed bulletin delivery

The bike shops aren't going to carry rat trap pedals forever, Bill. :-)

Printed bulletins take much longer and involve many more people than putting out a PDF. Download the PDF and use it until your printed Bulletin comes in...and don't piss Diane off. The club is very lucky to have her as Editor.


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Geo Carl Kaplan (not verified)
Bulletin Delivery

"20 people (board plus a few other volunteers) can run a bike club of 1800 members, and 1780 of the members can only ""female canine"" and carp as their contribution."

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Don Montalvo (not verified)
Re: Bulletin Delivery

You're so right, Geo. It's amazing how many club members would rather complain than volunteer their time. The next person who complains about the Bulletin being late should do so at the next Club Meeting...and the complaint should be followed up by a sincere offer to volunteer their personal time to assist the Editor.


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Eden J. Weiss (not verified)
The slightly tardy bulletin

"I am a newer member of the NYCC and am so happy with all that the club has offered me.The complainer sounded so incredibly pompous I couldn't believe it. He must enjoy provoking people to come down on him. Some people just are ""provokateurs"". The complaint was so idiotic it didn't deserve the time that the responders gave it. Thanks to all the volunteers for all that you give. By the way, I am a long time marathoner and proud member of the Central Park Track Club and know a great club when I see one!"

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Evan Marks (not verified)
radical idea

Go to Kinko's, log on, and print out the bulletin.

Well worth the stinkin' three dollars it might set you back.

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