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I received an e-mail notice that I was enrolled in the News Server for NYCC. I didn't request this and wouldn't want to subscribe anyway.
Then I had a bunch of replies from NYCC members that they received an e-mail but didn't receive a message in the e-mail. Is the NYCC running a news server?
Then I had a notice that I was unsubscribed automatically.

Does anybody have a virus running around their PC? Klez would send e-mails with random names in the reply field so you don't really know who sent it.
Has anybody else had garbage e-mails sent to them? Or had unexpected replies from people they didn't send an e-mail to?
Could the NYCC server be infected?
This has happened several months ago and then disappeared. This is now a second round of it.

Anti-Virus really works. If your PC is always online with DSL or CABLE, you are more open to infection.

Stay clean. Ride helmeted.


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<a href="">Peter O'Reilly</a> (not verified)
friendly fire

"No virus. Just a glitch while setting up the new mailing list server for the club. The problem should be corrected by now. Sorry for your troubles.

Not exactly sure how many folks email addresses were were added to the new list, maybe a couple dozen, but Hans had sent out an email to at least a few of those folks. For those who fell through the crack, here is Han's email...

We are migrating the weekly NYCC News & Rides addresses from my Eudora address book to a mailing list manager kept on the domain, so I don't have to use my employer's smtp server to send out the 1,800+ e-mails every week.

If you were on that list as a dues-paid NYCC member, you'll be on this list, unless you choose not to be. The option, I believe, is presented when you join or renew your membership by providing or not providing your e-mail address.

Obviously, the option to reject postings from non-moderators was not correct. While Peter corrects the problem, I have unsubscribed everyone.


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a former editor (not verified)
april fools

admit it guys, it was an april fools joke peter and hans played on the club, right?

anyway, thanks for the hard work and the quick resolution to the problem.

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