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Need to accumulate fixed gear miles, the goal being a fixed gear century - the Bay To Bay Century in Maryland on June 29th. Post replies here or email me. More info:

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rob kohn (not verified)
a similar idea

hey evan,

i've been considering a similar idea -- a series of single-speed rides, getting progressively longer and harder (climbing south mountain, whipporwill, etc.). if you're willing to combine your ride with those of us who have only one gear but like to coast as well, let me know. maybe we can plan a series.


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Evan Marks (not verified)
Can coast, doesn't do hills.

Rob, longer is good but harder isn't - I can't climb those hills on a derailer bike let alone a single speed.

But with a BMX freewheel on a flipflop hub and two brakes I can definitely do coasting.

Mordechai - I'm looking for flat and boring but not THAT boring ;^/ (Currently using 43x16 [72.5in.] as a compromise for all-around riding but might go bigger just for the century.)

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Mordecai Silver (not verified)
Fixed gear century


You might consider Montauk Century, which I did last May on a fixed-gear. The terrain is ideal for a single-speed, since it's so flat. There are winds, of course, which can make it a little difficult if they are blowing strongly in your face.

I had been riding all last winter with a 49x18 gear (71.5 gear-inches), which suited me fine even for long, hilly rides. But I regretted not putting on a 16 cog for the Montauk Century, which is long, but not hilly. I was trying to ride at about 21-22 m.p.h., but I found that a cadence of 100 r.p.m was pretty tiring if kept up constantly, hour after hour, with no coasting. My average speed for the last 60 of the 140 miles was more like 16-17 m.p.h.

I once thought that it would be a great accomplishment to do a century ride, even a flat one, on a fixed-gear. In retrospect, it wasn't as arduous as I had imagined, but it was challenging. On the other hand, it was also quite liberating, not having to think about gearing as I rode.

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