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"A few years ago I tried leading a series of rides I called ""Fast 40"". The idea being that ""A"" rides don't have to be 100 mile marathons- 40-50 miles can suffice, especially for people with family/work/social commitments that keep them from joining the usually longer ""A"" rides.

For one reason or another, the rides fizzled. I know the weather was not cooperative for a few.

I was speaking with a fellow club member in Prospect Park who thought the idea of a ""sane A-ride"", (as he phrased it), was appealing. Now I'm thinking of reviving the rides.

Here's my idea: Start early, (8:00 a.m.) 20-25 miles, non-stop. Short stop to: Empty bladders, fill bottles, eat an energy bar. Get back on the bike and ride 20-25 miles back to start. Goal: get home in time to shower and eat lunch with non-riding friends and family.

These rides could be good for: Over-committed ""A"" riders, experienced ""B"" riders looking to try an ""A"" ride, or old-time ""A"" riders who don't even think of 70+ mile rides till mid May.

If I get enough interest, I'll schedule some rides."

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Carol Wood (not verified)
I'm interested


I would be interested in knowing when these rides take place. I could provide moral support even if I can't show up.

What pace are you expecting? I don't think I could keep up with JP!

(overcommitted A19er)

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John Z (not verified)

I too am interested in some shorter A rides, with a later start, preferably on Sundays. A noon start would be great!

I see geography, not interest as our biggest problem. Where would such a ride start from and go to in Brooklyn? 40 miles from Central Park invariably means Nyack or River Road. One idea is to do this ride on Staten Island. Meet at the ferry at noon on Sundays. A nice quick pace around Staten Island....

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ScottD (not verified)
Staten Island

Staten Island is great on an early Sunday morning since traffic is pretty light. I've developed a route based on the NYCC cue and previous rides but added several interior hills and the proposed Olympic route (quite vertical). John, you will be tired at the end.

Some bits of scenery are good, others are boring. If you are going for a training ride, SI has good variety in a 55+ mile route.

Email me direct and I will send it to you.

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chris (not verified)

i like the idea too. i might be more for the later starts. maybe all of us late starters should get together. longer rides just kill the whole day. i end up doing 40-50 miles just by myself and just hammer, usually without stopping.

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JP (not verified)

Yo BV, I am in favor of such rides. Perhaps some of them starting later, too. Say 10, 11, 12. That way, I can sleep a bit and still get my hammering in. Of course, what is the route?? Nyack and back, again and again??

Let's see, John

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JP (not verified)
How fast is fast?

Carol, I am telling Blanche! ;-)

I bet you are toungue-in-cheeking me, right?!?

Any hoo, Bill, what are we looking at for pace, 24-25,haha! Only on the descents. Wait, there are no hills in Brooklyn.

I guess 20+


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Bill Vojtech (not verified)

For now I'm sticking to early starts so that can get back in time to do other things. Perhaps someone else would like to start an afternoon shift for the late night party animals.

I don't anticipate going too fast at first, as I'm still getting in shape. There used to be a self qualifing formula for Prospect Park. I hate Central, but I'd like to figure out where I stand before posting a ride, (I'd hate to get dropped on my own ride).

For now, Nyack is pretty much it. I don't like the Bronx or Queens. I had a very hilly 25 mile route on S.I., but someone reversed some street directions. It could still be done, but you'd miss one hill. An early start is a must on S.I.- before the natives start cruising around in their big SUV's on the very narrow roads.

I've also got a route up in Coldspring, (MetroNorth out and back), that I'm planning for later in the season.

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Robert Gray (not verified)
Short A Rides

I love to see suggestions about rides here.
You do not have to definitely decide to do one thing or another - start early or late - go here or there.
Try some of everything please. Particularly Sundays.
Putting thoughts up here will give people ideas that I hope will be followed later.
Keep up the good work and give me some rides for May please.

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Mario Springer (not verified)
Bill's Shorter A-Ride Query


The idea of shorter A-rides for the over-committed crowd sounds very appealing. I am interested, please keep me posted. Thanks

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