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"Hi All,

Was curious on your thoughts of bike lock selection. In particular how good is ""good enough""? I'm mostly looking at the Kryptonite series of U-locks, and notice that for NYC residents (lucky us :) the insurance that comes with a lock purchase is only available on the ""New York"" line, and then only for 1 year. I noticed that the New York U-Lock is a full 1 pound heavier than their other locks, and would like to keep the weight down if at all possible.

What do you all do for your locking solution? And also is there such a thing as bicycle insurance??

Thanks for your help!,

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Glenn (not verified)
All it takes is a car jack

If your bike is worth considering insuring, you shouldn't leave it on a NYC street with any lock. Bring it inside!
I knew a former bike thief in San Fransisco who told me she could pop a kryptonite U-lock with a sawed-off Volvo car jack she concealed in h er jacket.
The only bike I'll leave locked up unattended is my commuter beater. For that, I use a kryptonite cable lock, which I can run through both wheels and the frame without removing the front wheel.el

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Bill Vojtech (not verified)
locks and insurance

Locks can be poped, especially U-locks. I once saw someone lock a brand new bike outside Paragon Sporting goods with a U-lock. before he'd gotten through the 2nd set of double doors at the entrance, two kids put a section of pipe over the stub that housed the locking mechanism and snapped the lock. I was diagonally across the street and there was a lot of traffic, so I was no help. That's why you'll often see people with a piece of T-shaped plumbing sliped over that section of their U-lock it prevents that type of theft.

If you have renters insurance you can get off premisis theft coverage for the replacement value of the bike. It's the main reason I have renters insurance. Have recipts for your bike(s). If the bike is left unattended it must be locked, but I don't think the type of lock is specified. If you are assaulted and your bike is taken, you're covered.

Only beater bikes should be locked outside in NYC.

I carry a small ski lock. It's a cable that fits in a jersey pocket. If I go riding alone and need to use a bathroom or want to eat indoors I can lock it where I can see it. It's not much of a lock, but it will delay a thief long enough for you to get out the door. Also, if you're with a group, most of the other bikes will not be locked. If you bike is locked guess who's will not be stolen?

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