B-SIG tomorrow

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Anyone have any info on the B-SIG tomorrow? I haven't heard anything this week and was wondering what the plan is, time, meeting spot etc.? Is it same as last week? Is rain an issue?


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Carol (not verified)

Meeting time: 9:00
Place: Rambles Shed

Forecast says rain won't start until mid-afternoon, so bring a jacket in case we don't get home before it starts.

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Eden J. Weiss (not verified)
My transfer from the B16 to B17

Dear Carol,
Last week I moved up to the B17 and it was much better for me than the B16(Mark OK'd it). If possible, I'd would like my name to appear on the
B17 sign in sheet, for now; I might need to move up one more group (at most) to find my most appropriate SIG. I don't know if Mark notified the B17 leader(you?)to have my name added to the list, after I notified him that I wouldn't be going back to the B16. Thanks, see you tomorrow, Eden P.S. I'm loving the SIG!

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sherri n (not verified)
B-17 ride 3/29

The weather right now up here in Westchester: It's raining lightly and visibility is poor due to thick fog. If we do go today, picnicing is definitely out.

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