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After last week's CSIG, many cyclistas where wondering where they could find Bag Balm.

In Brooklyn you can find it at Park Slope Community Pharmacy on the corner of 7th Avenue and Union Street.

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John (not verified)

"Just out of curiosity, what is ""Bag Balm""?"

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embarrassed that I know this (not verified)
butt butter

Read the label and make sure it's what you want before paying 5 or 6 bucks for it, Bag Balm (UWS at Joseph’s on w72) is an ointment farmers use to soften cow tits. For some reason, cyclists use it for saddle sores. You can also go to a bike shop and pay 10 to 15 dollars for products made for that purpose. Assos makes a good cream. (I know it’s an unfortunate brand name for where you put it)

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Evan Marks (not verified)

...Bag Balm ruins the chamois in your shorts (very greasy and cannot be washed out no matter how you try) and will also begin to leak thru the shorts onto the saddle.

Relief cream is almost as thick but water-based rather than oil-based:


Chamois Buttr (at most bike shops) is almost as good but not as thick as Relief.

Assos Chamois Creme contains menthol - can be quite a surprise a few minutes after you put your shorts on. Some people are immune to it, some aren't.

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Michael Sopher (not verified)
Body Glide Rules

Useful during a ride, prevents chafing and washes out, no menthol etc.

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Carol (not verified)

In Manhattan, it's available at the CVS Pharmacy on Ninth Ave. at 58th St.

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