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"Astro, my daily companion and transportation, worth far more than its weight (and purchase price) in Fuji hybrid muscle, vanished from my building last night. I need to find a new used bike along the same lines, aesthetic not as important as functionality. I ride a 52"" road which i think translates to 17cm in a hybrid.

With my record of bike losership, i don't want to be spending much over $100. But the drivetrain, shifters and brakes must be in good working order.

Thanks for any help!



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Evan Marks (not verified)
Used bikes

Transportation Alternatives ( has a used bikes article somewhere on their website, with links to several local shops. Good luck. Sorry about Astro.

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Carol Wood (not verified)


So sorry to hear about the bike!

I was watching ""Deconstructing Harry"" yesterday. There is a hysterical scene toward the end, kind of ""8-1/2"" meets Dante's ""Inferno.""

As Woody descends into the underworld via elevator, a recorded voice calls out each floor a la Macy's: ""Floor five: aggressive panhandlers, subway turnstile jumpers, book critics. Floor six: Television lawyers (something else). Floor seven: Media. Sorry, this floor is full. Floor eight, everybody else. [DING!]""

I'd say bicycle thieves merited at least Floor Six or deeper.

It's kind of out of your way, but you could try going to Frank's Bikes on the east end of Grand Street. (One branch of the M-14 bus goes there.) Call them to see what they have in stock in your price range. I bought my first two bikes there: a $100 ten-speed that was stolen, and a $225 24-speed Giant hybrid that I recently sold. They're a real neighborhood shop, so they have lots of low-priced stuff. Real nice people though crazily busy on weekend afternoons. Bet they could get you a bike.

You might also try calling St. Charlie McCorkle at Bicycle Habitat. They don't usually carry used bikes because they don't have the space. But he might know of something or have a suitable low-priced bike.


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Debbie Rothschild (not verified)
stolen bicycle reimbursement

Cat - Do you have apartment insurance? My hybrid vanished from my building last year. It took about 10 minutes to file a report at my local precinct, I sent it to my insurance co. and in no time had plenty of money to buy a shiny new hybrid - which I got quickly and easily at Bike Renaissance and rode it right out of the store - Debbie Rothschild

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Catherine Bent (not verified)

Thank you for that advice . . . . i spent some time in the precinct this afternoon and will indeed file with the insurance company, who hopefully won't blink at the fact that i filed a similar claim about 18 months ago!

And thank you everyone else for yo ur responses. You guys rock! If anyone else has been a victim of bike theft (has anyone NOT?) we could start a support group.

back on the streets in no time. . . .


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