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I live in Philly, and am interested in taking the bike up to New York to do some exploring. My question is, has anyone ever tried taking their bike on NJ Transit's Northeast Corridor Line? I have two concerns:

a.) You have to keep the bike in a handicapped area while on the train. I don't remember (mostly because I just never paid attention) whether handicapped-accessible cars are regularly used on the NE Corridor.

b.) Also, there's a bit in the bike policy about how they can kick you off the train if they feel it's getting overcrowded. Well, those trains are ALWAYS crowded. Has anyone ever had any problem with this.

Anyway, any responses would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Carol (not verified)
Another Option

Amtrak's Vermonter runs, I believe, from D.C. through Philly to New York and beyond. It has a bike rack in the baggage car - you just roll your bike on and lock it into the rack. I think the bike costs an extra $10.00. Check out Amtrak's website - you might find more info.

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Evan Marks (not verified)
Amtrak link

Click the RESOURCES tab at the top of this page.

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Christian Edstrom (not verified)

a) The handicap area is the 4 together-facing seats at the back of each car. These seats can fold up, and are marked as handicap seats. You can fit your bike here, and sit in one of the seats.

b) No. Though I know of one person who got asked to put their bike in the entry vestibule of the car instead. It might pay to bring a toe-strap to fashion a parking brake.

As you'll be getting on in Philly(Septa)/Trenton(NJTransit), the train won't be all that full. Getting home will be a little more of a bore. I'd try to avoid going home in late afternoon/evening.

Amtrak is the other option, but you'll have to check if the train in question has bike racks, and pay $90 instead of $22 for the privilege. If you're not in a hurry. NJTransit is the way to go.

- Christian

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Megan Smith (not verified)
taking bikes on NJ transit

You might want to check out the NJ Transit website (njtransit.com) for peak-hour restrictions: no non-folding bikes on inbound trains between, I believe, the hours of 5am to 9:30 am and outlbound 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm, or on major holidays. I take bikes on the NJ trains frequently, and find that most conductors are supportive, unless it's a standing-room only situation. Try to get the last car in the train, usually less crowded, and/or look for the handicapped access symbol on the side of the car. It's just a matter of bungee-cording your frame to the handicap access bars. Some of the trains have steep boarding steps if the station platform is not at train level, so you might want to bring your lightest frame!

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