Any shop rent out travel case?

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I'm going to Florida and want to take my bike. I've never traveled with my bike before so any idea what I should watch out for?

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Robin (not verified)
shop case rental

Sid's, on 34th between 2nd and 3rd (see the listing on the Join page here) will rent a case, or, pack it up and ship it for you.

If you happen to be going to Florida via Spirit Airlines, you'll be pleased to know that they charge only $50 as opposed to the standard $75 or even $100 other airlines charge.

However you travel, be prepared to have airport personnel open the case while your baggage is being x-rayed. Have the keys handy...and pack it well so stuff doesn't come tumbling out.

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Charlie McCorkell (not verified)
travel cases

Bicycle Habitat rents travel cases as well.

Be weary of sending UPS as they have a loop hole in their contract that allows them to void the insurance for a bike. Only occasionally enforced. Fed Ex has no such exclusion.

If you do ship UPS make sure you insure for at least 1000.00 this is usualy gets your bike special handling. I've seen too many disasters via UPS to want to ship my bike that way.

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