recommend a good bike shop in queens?

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I'd like to pick up a new bicycle locally, if possible. Aside from choosing a store that has the lowest prices, which of course is a consideration, I would like to buy my bike from a shop that will fit me properly, and has a reputation for having good mechanics building their bikes.
Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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Cheep Skate (not verified)

Good mechanics, good bike-fitting skills, AND the lowest prices?

You shouldn't be looking for a shop in Queens, you should be looking in Fantasyland!

Seriously, you wont find THAT much of a difference in price. Mark-ups on bikes are pretty low (it's the accessories where they make money), and saving a few bucks on the purchase price isn't worth it if the bike is slapped together hastily and poorly fitted to you.

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jeff (not verified)

OK, I found a local bike shop in Queens that had very knowledgeable staff, were helpful and friendly, large selection, and in fact all three of the workers (I was the only customer in the store at the time) spent the time focusing on finding the right size frame and the best value for what I wanted to spend and my needs. I was directed to a Trek 7200 which is an older model and I purchased it for $250. They suggested I wait until omorrow to pick it up so they can spend the time checking the assembly. The store I found is Arc De Triomphe Bicycles in Richmond Hill, Queens. Along with that, they didn't try to sell accessories. My gut feeling is that I probably could not have done much better in terms of finding a decent entry level bike from a competetent bike shop with knowledgeable and interested staff at a good price.

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banana guy (not verified)
Good Mechanics/Great Mechanics

Remember, great mechanics are not born, they are developed. Just as with any successful relationship, a partnership with a mechanic needs to be based on honesty, trust, respect, and (most important) PIZZA. A mechanic can, and, with proper nurturing, will, help you to be a better rider, and be your most avid fan. All you really need to do is reciprocate.
Remember, we need them, too.

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Robin (not verified)
Hear, hear!

You've got that right, Mr. B. I've learned from experience that a little respect, courtesy, and of course pizza and tips go a long, long way.

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NTSCPAL (not verified)

I hate to say it but the shops out near me suck (Queens). I go out of my way to go to a shop in Manhattan to get work done.

Local shop is good for a spare tube from time to time.

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