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"i want to let folks know what a great resource we have in fred steinberg!
i called him last week for a route that would be challenging (read: very hilly) as a prep ride for a 200k brevet next weekend. he was quizical at first, but he understood: ""oh, you're on a mission."" exactly.
in addition to skyline drive, he gave me 17a out of greenwood lake and 7 lakes drive not to mention all the other intermediate, shorter, and steeper hills in between.
(the road to the tower at perkins, mine road and storm king on 218 are still closed unfortunately.)
i got my 130 miles in yesterday and i'm a little stiff but satisfied that i'm ready for my brevet.
fred is a fine resevoir of info, accurate cue sheets and great insight on routes.
Thanks again for your help and being a part of the nycc.
ride easy and ride safe.

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John Z (not verified)
Fred Rules

One ride during the winter, we ran into Fred on 9W. He was riding some sort of winterized bike with wide tires, I was riding my mountain bike. After a bit of a chat, I decided to leave the group I was with and follow Fred on a mostly off-road route through Tallman Mountain Park and a series of rail-to-trail routes leading to Nyack. I never knew these trails existed. Great little route and Fred is pleasant company on a ride.

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Tom Laskey (not verified)
Fred is The Man!!!! (nm)
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George Lobisser (not verified)
Visiting From Seattle 4/11-4/13

Just built a take-a-part ti for travel. Planning to watch my Son race at West Point 4/12 + 4/13 (he races for Bucknell). Looking to ride 4/11 all day. Anyone interested in riding 4/11? I will driving to West Point early AM from NYC. This guy Fred...might he be able to turn me on to some good routes for riding 4/11 - 4/13? Anyone have his e-mail?

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Hank Schiffman (not verified)
The Fredster

I steal all my routes from Fred....

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