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"MANHATTAN - 16:42 - I just rode back from George Washington Bridge and can confirm that the bike path is closed.

I spoke to a Port Authority employee at about 4pm who said they were hoping to reopen it by the weekend. He confirmed that a support cable had come loose and was being repaired.

He said: ""It will probably be closed for a day or two, but at this stage it's impossible to say how long it will be closed.""

For cyclists wanting to use the bridge at the moment, a truck will convey you and your bike over, but probably not more than two bikes at a time.

So I guess larger groups should consider one of the ferry services across the Hudson for now.

I'm going to go back on Friday before 3pm and check to see whether it has reopened and will try and post something on the message board by 5pm on Friday afternoon.

If anyone lives close to the bridge, or uses it for commuting by bike, perhaps they can post an update if it reopens before Friday, to save me from cutting short my hill repeats in the park.


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<a href="">Peter O'Reilly</a> (not verified)
forum moderation, in moderation :)

Anthony, thank you for the update.

If I may make a suggestion, and it is strictly a suggestion and to provide some insight (not to be conveyed as criticism or as the final word by any means) that in the future one will post under an existing and relevant thread if one already exists of recent memory. My intention is by no means, to single-out Anthony, just use his post as an example. Please allow me to explain why.

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At some point, as a direct result of the Msg Brd’s thread posting growth, I will need to cut-down the days selection list for the “Active Threads Since” menu. Who likes to wait for a page to download? This in turn, will result in the Active threads page rendering much faster to you and lighten the load for the web server. (For instance, mathematical combinations abound, every Msg Brd user visits the Active Threads list page, but not every user visits all the same large/small threads). How much and how soon is yet to be determined. When it happens, the older threads will not be lost. Instead you will just need to use the search feature to “dig up” old message postings.

So I guess as a by-product of this post, I am also looking for feedback, if and when the Msg Brd becomes sluggish as well. Concerning both matters, your help and exercise of best discretion is requested.


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Carol Wood (not verified)
Sgstn fr msg brd

Peter, I think you're on to something. To lighten the load on the server, how about if we eliminate all vowels from now on?

Tht wll rdce th lngth f ll psts by 1/2. Wll gv s cl brvtns, lk msg brd!

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<a href="">Peter O'Reilly</a> (not verified)
Bahala na

Well Carol, by all means feel free to omit your vowels.

Cleared things up offline. Thread relevance: I bet all those reading this already know water runs under the GWB, too.

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David Mandelbaum (not verified)
GWB bike path open at 5:40 PM

At 5:40 PM this evening I rode by the New York entrance to the bike path and it was open. There were no notices or signs of any kind to indicate that it was closed. A jogger who had just run across confirmed that it was open. Perhaps they only intend to close it during the day when they do the repair work. At any rate, since I regularly commute over the bridge, I will check again in the morning, and try to post an update.

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Chris Taeger (not verified)
The Ferry as an option if the GWB Bike Path is closed

Thanks Dave for the update.

I went by the bridge at 4:30, and the path was still closed. A sign was posted stating that one could call A-1 taxi/limo or New York Waterways at 1-800-533-3779.

I called NY Waterways. The fare from West 38th street to Weehauken or Lincoln Harbor is $5.00. The ferrys start at 6am weekdays, and later on the weekends. As discussed sometime ago on the message board, bikes are permitted, but I personally don't know how they travel.

Call for more info. Hopefully, the Port Authority workers will complete the repairs soon.

The ferry that runs between Havastraw and Ossining apparently only runs during weekday rush hours.

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David Mandelbaum (not verified)
NY Waterways

There is a ferry every fifteen minutes from 38th Street to Port Imperial in Weehawken. One way is $5.00 and $1.00 for the bike, which has to remain outside. From there you can ride straight up River Road which turns into Hudson Terrace once you get past the bridge. It also brings you past the entrance to the River Road/Sherrif's Hill route to 9W. The road up from the ferry is busy, particularly during rush hour.-David Mandelbaum

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David Mandelbaum (not verified)

As of about 9 AM today, Wednesday, when I checked it, the GWB path is open. Hip Hip ... snow tomorrow.

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Herb Dershowitz (not verified)

The bridge was open at 10:30 and again was open on our ride back over in the afternoon.

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