A-19 Sig Photos to Scarsdale 3/8/03

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  • A-19 Sig Photos to Scarsdale 3/8/03
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"Scarsdale Photos!

Thanks for coming out on Saturday!
You guys were all great!


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Jim (not verified)
The link above should now work. (nm)
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Christy Guzzetta (not verified)

Absolutley Great ! !

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rob kohn (not verified)
aw, shucks...

you're gonna make me blush! but thanks, christy.

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Anthony Poole (not verified)
Great day out!

Nice pics Rob. I never thought my backside would end up on the home page of the NYCC; yes, that's me, clad in yellow with my head to one side, for some odd reason. Maybe that's why I get tension in my shoulders. I'll tell all my friends and family in England to log on!

The roads on Saturday weren't that bad. Yes, they were wet in places, and there was some slush to contend with. I think the worst hazard were the potholes, which is not surprising given the winter we've had. Thanks to good communication among us, nobody fell victim to the potholes or slush. I had to give my bike a good wash when I got home and relubed and checked everything over.

I'm looking forward to next Saturday and my ongoing training this week.

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