B Sig Westwood ride cancelled 3/8/03

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  • B Sig Westwood ride cancelled 3/8/03
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We will try to ride Sunday March 9 if conditions improve.

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Adam Pollock (not verified)
informal loops in the Park, Saturday, 10am

Say it ain't so, Eva!

Central Park should be pretty well plowed out, so, if anybody's interested in doing a few informal loops in company, I'll leave from the Rambles Shed on Saturday at 10am. I'd like to stick to about 17mph on the flats, but that's open to negotiation. This is *not* an official NYCC or B-Sig ride, just a friendly gathering for anyone from the B-Sig who might like to get in a few miles on Saturday in addition to Sunday's projected ride.

Your fellow B-Sigger,

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Lynn Baruh (not verified)
informal loops in Central Park, Sat. 10:00am

Sounds like a plan, Adam.
I'll see you at the Rambles Shed

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Christian Edstrom (not verified)
Roads in NJ - ok!

A few of us rode to Nyack today, and the NJ roads were damp, but easily rideable. I'd expect them to dry out fairly well by tomorrow.

The worst conditions were on the GWB bike path, where there was a thin layer of water almost all the way across. There was still a little slush in the streets in the 150s and 160s.

Off to toss cycling clothes in the washer,
- Christian

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