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Peter: Are the classics still leaving for Brewster from GCT at 7:30, and where will you finish? I may bring my red lantern and join you.

Carolyn and Harvey (19s): All clear to Oyster Bay?

Highs of 35 expected today and 55 tomorrow. Anyone know the road conditions?



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Michael (not verified)
Very Sloppy

Someting tells me it's going to be messy out there as real melting won't start until tomorrow morning.

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Russ Berman (not verified)
Tomorrow's A-19STS

Harvey is checking road conditions in Nassau County today and will post something here later. Postponement to Sunday is possible.

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John Z (not verified)
Messy Indeed

This is going to be a tough call. Both Saturday and Sunday appear to be acceptable for riding, but Saturday will certainly be sloppy, and Westchester roads may even be icy/snowy in spots for the A-Classic STS ride. Going to Westchester may be safer on Sunday. We will make a formal posting this evening.

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HARVEY MINSKY (not verified)

Hi Carol,

I spoke with the Old Westbury Police Dept. and they say that the roads are clear. The Police say that there are quite a few potholes, but what else is new. If we leave from Queens at 10am we will not hit the narrow hilly part of the ride until 11;30. My gut feeling is to go. We could always turn around if the roads are too difficult. The STS A19 is on. 10am by the statue.

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Evan Marks (not verified)
grain of salt vs. salted roads

Westbury PD now reporting road conditions from a cyclist's POV?


Good luck.

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Harvey M (not verified)

The STS A19 is cancelled. The roads are just too wet and dangerous. We will try to do the ride on Sunday. 10am by the Statue of Civic Virtue.


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Bill Vojtech (not verified)
A-19 Saturday alternate anyone?

I live right by prospect park in brooklyn. It's an easy subway trip on the F train. I'll be riding in the park on Saturday. I will try to do 40 miles, though boredom usually stops me by 20. Company would make reaching my goal easier.

The road in Prospect is usually clear of snow and ice, though if things are melting it may be wet.

I'll probably start at 10:00 or 11:00. If you'd like to join me give me a call: 718-832-3588

Bring a lock, there are many nice little lunch spots in the slope.

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basil (not verified)
FYI - Brooklyn Half-Marathon ends in Prospect Park

"FYI - it starts in Coney Island at 8.00 AM so should be largely complete by 11.00 AM and route may be changed due to snow/ice on boardwalk.
Original route details at:

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Shymember (not verified)
Pi**, sh** and corruption

All carbed up and nowhere to go. Loops in Central P, PP, ... maybe just ride around my block and get dizzy??

Blew off a party Friday night, early to bed, early to rise .. now the ride is SUNDAY??? Spend Saturday night at home for a maybe?? Man, I want Spring, Vivaldi and 150 miles a week - on the road.

Next week mates!

Sheot. Back to bed.

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Shymember (not verified)
If we were Belgians ...

this would be a piece of cake.

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Shymember (not verified)
What time?!?

Oh, and it ain't 3:44 AM, it's 6:35 AM

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John Z (not verified)
It wasn't that bad

Saturday, the roads were not too bad. Messy, yes, dangerous not really. Those A-Classic STS riders who braved the conditions were treated to a pretty nice day of riding. Sunday afternoon was great for riding, albeit a bit windy. All-in-all, my best weekend of riding since November I think -- even squeezed in a hard spin class Saturday evening. Moreover, by braving the roads Saturday morning as planned, I was able to party Saturday night!

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