El Rey De Cuba

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New York's own Todd Herriott, coach and mentor for some of us NYCCers, sometime NYCC club meeting speaker and local racing hot-shot has become the first American ever to win the Vuelta a Cuba.

Viva Todd!!!!

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John (not verified)
El Rey De Cuba

For those of us that are less informed, what is Vuelta a Cuba?

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Justin (not verified)
Tour of Cuba

UCI ranked stage race - won in previous years by Italian rider (forget his name) now on the Fasso Bortola pro team

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Tom Laskey (not verified)

From www.cyclingnews.com:

Starting in Baracoa with a 153 km stage to Guantanamo, the 28th edition of the Vuelta Ciclística a Cuba concluded in Havana after 1918 km. The two week tour featured teams from the USA, France, Spain (Cropusa Burgos), Italy (Pinnielli Cinnielli), Guatemala, a mixed international team, and various Cuban teams, totaling around 100 riders.

The course features 34 intermediate sprints, six Cat. 4, two Cat. 3, and four Cat. 2 mountain climbs.

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