Recommendation on a bike route between Bensonhurst and Wall St.

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I am planning to commute on a bike between Bensonhurst, Brooklyn and the downtown Wall Street area. I live by the W subway line and only a few blocks from the Shore road bike path. Can someone recommend me a cyclist friendly route to get to Manhattan?

I know friendliness is a relative term. I have tried the Bay Pkway --> Coney Island Ave --> Prospect Park --> Flatbush Ave --> Brooklyn Bridge route. The traffic is ridiculous between Prospect Park and the bridge on Flatbush Ave.

Any input is appreciated.

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ScottD (not verified)
BK route

I ride in from Bay Ridge. Lately, I've been taking 6th or 7th Ave to near Sunset Park around 45th St(bike lane on 7th), then 5th Ave to 3rd Street, then Smith across Atlantic and towards the bridge. I usually leave by 7:15am to get a jump on traffic. Every extra 10 minutes departure delay seems to have an exponential increase in traffic congestion.

Have you tried Bedford Ave, or is that too far east? Bike lane all the way to near the Prospect Park region.

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Lewis (not verified)

I have tried (not during rush hour) 4th Ave, and 5th Ave all the way down to Atlantic Ave then find way to the BB. It seem that Bay Pkway to Prospect Park to Flatbush to BB is the fastest but it is very hairy. I have had numerous near misses with motor vehicles, esp. those expensive European car/trucks driven by selfish individuals. I think I will give Shymember's suggestion (Thanks!) a try and see how it turns out.

BTW, I went to Junior HS in the late 80's near Sunset park (JHS136). Man, that park left me nothing but bad memories. I still try to stay away from it :)

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Shymember OK (not verified)

Rush hour is always touchy. The Shore Pway path is too roundabout. Stick with Bay Pway or maybe try Ocean Pway (it’s sort of 6th St.) or Ft. Hamilton Pway.

Once in Prospect Pk., go to the top of the hill, exit the park and make a left and another left onto PP West for one block, then a right on President St. Take it down to 3rd Ave or the next block (Nevins ??) and go right one block to Union and make a left – careful, it has a bike lane, but is one-way against you. Go one block up Union and make a right on Bond. Take Bond to Pacific. Left on Pacific to Boreum Place, make a right and Boreum becomes Adams and right to the BB. OR, you could take Pacific to Clinton, right on Clinton, and Clinton dead-ends at Cadman Plaza/Tillary, 2 blocks from the BB.

Yes, Flatbush is nuts anytime!


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