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63 cm, Celeste Green, Campy components, Mavic wheels with new tires. 3 years old and in terrific condition. Best offer over $500. Usually fits 6' tall and over.

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Harvey M (not verified)
Bianchi for sale


So you are finally selling your rain bike? What are you going to do now?


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Bob Mirell (not verified)
Bianchi for sale


I'll just borrow yours when it rains

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Evan Marks (not verified)
Rain bike? Terrific condition?

Whatever happened to truth in advertising?

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Touched by an ANGEL (not verified)
Bianchi for sale


You have tried for over a year to sell that [email protected]#$% Bianchi. Here is a hint....

No one wants to buy that bike.

Maybe you can give it to charity or donate it to Mayor Bloomberg for next years Transit Strike."

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