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Tom Laskey (not verified)
Tonight's Meeting is Cancelled

Sorry everyone, tonight's meeting will be cancelled. With the weather and travel conditions the way they are we feel this is the best decision. Join us next month on Tuesday, March 11 for a presentation on cycling in Costa Rica given by our very own Gerry Wendrowsky and Karen Reich.

We will try to reschedule tonight's presentation, stay tuned for further details.

- Tom

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bill strachan (not verified)
tonight's club meeeting

one of the elements of randonneuring is exceeding the normal bounds of mediocre riding. to excel. to go beyond the expected. some of us will still informally meet at annie moore's to chat about paris-brest-paris and how to qualify. you are all still welcome to join us at 6 pm.

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bill strachan (not verified)
tonight's meeting

4:30 pm. sun is out. streets are clean. trains and buses running on schedule. looks like the powers that be wimped out.

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