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Thinking about trying a Brooks saddle, but am a bit overwhelemed at the number of models. Anyone out there with one? What sort is it?

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Art (not verified)
Brooks B-17

"The problem with Brooks saddles is that exposure to rain can ruin them. And of course the break-in period (some folks say they NEVER break in).

I understand the Model B-17 is the softest and breaks in in a couple of hundred miles.

Personally, I would stick to a saddle with a nylon shell, dense foam padding, and a leather cover (no gel, no cut-outs). I ride the Selle San Marco Rolls Classic (not the ""Due"") and find it very comfortable. I think it's still available at Excel Sports and a few other places. Used to be very popular among the Tour de France riders.


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Bob (not verified)
Brooks Pro and B17

"The two that you probably want to look at are the Team Pro and the B17. I've heard the stories regarding break-in problems, but never from anyone who actually used the saddles. There is a lot of myth surrounding them.

The B17 is not softer than other models unless you buy one of the old pre-softened versions.

I use a B17 only because I cannot find a saddle that is wide enough across the back without being a ""comfort"" saddle. Most racing saddles are 145mm across and at 6' 4"" at 185 lbs. they are just painful and unstable.

You might want to consider the Avocet men's (not the racing model) saddle which has a racing shape but is wider that most saddles.

I've ridden my B17 in rain and snow and I've never experienced any deforming of the shape. Rivendell sells a cover you can put on for when it starts raining really hard.

I'm not a Brooks zealot. I'd love a lighter saddle that is is waterproof, but if you use a Brooks you will be comfortable."

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David Hallerman (not verified)
Re: Brooks Pro and B17


The Brooks B.17 does not come presoftened.

That's only the Team Professional model.

And yes, the break-in problems are a myth generally propagated by those who haven't ridden a Brooks saddle.

David, who finds the B.17 the most comfortable but likes the Team Professional too

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