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Fuggetaboutit. I hope fellow NYCC'ers from the BK will represent on this one to set the record straight.

Towards that end, I am planning 2 anti-Manhattan/Nyack rides through Brooklyn in March and April: one for fixed-gear heads and the other over the cobblestones of the Borough on the morning of Paris-Roubaix.

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Evan Marks (not verified)
You can keep the cobbles...

...but gimme a heads-up on the fixie ride. Sunday? Late March? Bada-bing.

Heh. Maybe we can do an airlift from da city. Is there anywhere to land in Bkln?

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Adam Pollock (not verified)
bring it on

Bring on the Brooklyn Pave`. Them's the Cobbles of Kings.

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Mordecai Silver (not verified)
Slumming in Brooklyn

"Scott D. has a penchant for riding in tough and unsavory places: sometimes in the slums of Brooklyn, sometimes in the Third-World country called Staten Island. (For those of you who didn't hear, Kenneth Feinberg, ""Special Master"" of the federal 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund, said ""Staten Island, that's a Third World country"". This brought down cries for his dismissal, and justifiably so: come on, Kenneth, don't you know that S.I. is a borough, not a country?)

A fixed-gear ride in Brooklyn? That sounds like fun. Last time I went with Scott on a Brooklyn ride (the one with 30-m.p.h. headwinds along the Narrows), I was riding a fixed-gear, but everyone else seemed to be using that newfangled thing known as a ""derailleur"". As Henri Degrange said: ""Isn't it better to triumph by the strength of your muscles than by the artifice of a derailleur? We are getting soft...As for me, give me a fixed gear!""

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ScottD (not verified)
Outer Boros + Dates

"Supporting words from a true groupie. ""Tough and unsavory""? You haven't lived until you have done speed intervals under the A train in the Rockaways... an only in New York experience on 4 sides: ocean vista, elevated line, undeveloped properties, and smooth asphalt. But that's for another ride. As for upcoming BK rides:

BK Fix - March 2
BK Pave - April 13"

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Shymember OK (not verified)
Hey, yous guys wanna go ridin' ?

Brooklyn is fine. There’s a bridge over the basin on Carrol St that is wooden and has cobblestones fore and aft. The unprepared may drop a filing or a whole tooth, ;-). The bike paths along the shore are great too, but are not connected . So … you leave the paths and head for great pizza or seafood and then pick up the extension. Let’s not forget Queens either. Hey, Long Beach in Nassau too.

But again, hammering is problematic … and short-lived. Nyack via RR/9W (with Ash thrown in) is still the classic ride, right … ? Or should I just go **** myself and the bike I rode in on ;-)

BTW, I believe Prospect Park allows cars only M-F during rush hours. And it’s “hill” is the highest point in Kings County.

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ScottD (not verified)
"Brooklyn ""Hills"""

No, there is not too much in Brooklyn. The highest point is in Greenwood Cemetery but unfortunately, cyclist can not enter (living ones, at least). Some alternative places for short urban climbs in BK:

- Prospect Park, as mentioned;
- 44th Street between 3rd and 6th Ave, time the lights properly and it is a fast uninterrupted climb;
- McDougal Street on north side of Greenwood, consistent grade for short hill intervals;
- Prospect Park South, consistent short grade;
- Carroll Street between 4th and the Park, light timing is critical but can be done if you are very strong/fast.

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ScottD (not verified)


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Shymember OK (not verified)

Another hill in Brooklyn is Columbia Heights in Brooklyn Heights. If you leave the Barge Music/River Cafe piers, and head 2 short blocks up Cadman Plaza, on the right is Columbia Heights. Across form Patsy Grimaldi’s Pizza. It’s about 2 blocks long, maybe 12% and levels off and runs along the promenade. It is one-way against you when ascending. It’s a nice length for not downshifting and hammering up and repeating - if you happen to be in the neighborhood. It’s near the Brooklyn Bridge. And is a nice detour before heading back to Manhattan.

You can also get there by taking Montague St down to the dead-end at the promenade, and turning right.

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John Z (not verified)

But too short. It is a fun little climb though.

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Bklyn Gal (not verified)
Dem Bklyn Hills

And what about the little climb up Bedford from Empire Blvd to Eastern Parkway? There's even your very own bike lane in which to labor away.

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Timothy McCarthy (not verified)
Tour of the Brooklyn Hills

There's a ride here, crying out for a leader. Scott , or someone, step forward.

And Scott, I'm working on lining up a fixed gear bicycle in order to do your March 2 ride.

April 13, Paris Roubaix, pave, BK, . . . can't wait.

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ScottD (not verified)
"BK ""Hors"""

"Let me look into this and maybe can pull something together in a couple months. But by that time, everyone will be coming into good shape for the season and could squash the BK ""Hors"" with their little toe!"

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