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"Quick somewhat off-topic query. Somewhat non-serious too, but I'm curious.

We all know that it's horrible (and illegal) to wear headphones while riding. Hence, the invention of the ""book bike"". Toss a CD player and some RadioShak battery-powered speakers in a plastic bag and duct-tape them to your rack (if you have one) or put 'em in your Camelbak. Easy enough.

I was on a long bike trip once and we lived on t he BoomBike.

BUT, my question is if anybody has seen them around the NY/NJ area and how obnoxious they are. Obviously it'd be wrong to bring one on an NYCC ride, but are people really bothered by other people playing their boombikes on trails and roads? If I went for a long ride on 9W with a boombike would I be frowned upon?

Thanks :)

Keep on rockin',


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Evan Marks (not verified)
You asked for opinions. Here's mine.

Stay home.

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Bill Vojtech (not verified)

Years ago I was on the 5 boro bike tour and some guy had a boom box on a Pletcher rack with the big spring clip holding it down. He may have had a bungie holding it as well, but it popped off when he hit a pot hole. It smashed into several pieces on impact, though the wires were still conecting the speakers to the music source and the disembodied components continued to play.

I think everyone but the owner was glad to see the radio go.

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Gary (not verified)

One of the pleasures of spinning down 9W is the quiet scerenity I experience.

A boombox on the road is like someone yacking on a cellphone in a nice restaurant while you are trying to enjoy a romantic dinner.

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Shymember OK (not verified)
Do a little danse, ...

I have never seen a boombike.

Now, I listen to music while training indoors – it relieves the monotony of going nowhere fast. ;-)

But while on the road, I enjoy the sound of my tyres, everyone’s tyres, whooshing along. I enjoy the entire cycling experience and do not want it diluted by music. Just as I listen to and play music - but not while cycling on the road. Jeez, I might flat the tyre instead of the 5 ;-)

Also, and while I am not a weight weenie, I do not want to add a few pounds to my rig. CD player, CDs, speakers, batteries, extra batteries, plastic bags, tape, connection all add up.

However, David, if this is what gets you through a ride, go for it. Especially if it’s a long ride and your solo.

It is legal to use one ear plug – go mono, go!

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