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hey, i'm a tri-guy -- just moved to the city and i have _no_ idea where to ride except in a loop around central park.

where can i find info on ride routes?

also, how fast are the various groups riding (a,b,c,k,jlksjdf....)? and do people get mad when if i'm riding with a cowbar set up?

thanks in advance,

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Evan Marks (not verified)

"Do you mean ""cowhorn bars,"" the traditional time trial setup that looks like, well, cow horns? Reversed brake levers? Not really a problem.

If you mean clip-on aero bars, then yes they're a problem on group rides - the aero position with hands forward and forearms in the rests takes your hands away from the brake levers and slows your reaction time if you need to brake suddenly in a paceline (yes, I know you shouldn't need to brake suddenly in a paceline, but...). The pileup potential is real. Some leaders don't mind if you swear to stay out of the aero position, others won't have anything to do with you.


Weekend Central Park alternative:

59th St Bridge (aka Queensboro Bridge) from Manhattan to Queens. Pulaski Bridge from Queens to Brooklym. Ride along the (deserted on weekends) waterfront industrial area, hang a hard right just past the Brooklyn Navy Yard and ride below the elevated parkway (Bkln-Qns Expy) into downtown Brooklyn. Take the Brooklyn Bridge back to Manhattan (the most dangerous part of the route because of heavy pedestrian/tourist traffic) and come back uptown along the east side (East River Park, etc) or west side (Hudson River greenway). Approx 17 miles.


Head north to the George Washington Bridge, cross to the New Jersey side and ride south. Unbefreekinlievable views of midtown Manhattan, where the Hudson River is quite narrow. Also Ellis Island and Lady Liberty's backside. Cross the Bayonne Bridge (not for the faint of heart) to Staten Island and take the ferry back to Manhattan. Approx 40 miles, less if you bail at a PATH train (Port Authority Trans-Hudson).

Hmmm, I might do this ride on Sunday if it gets close to 40 degrees but I'm cabin-fevered (out of shape, IOW) and riding a heavy, knobby-tire 'cross bike for the winter. Slow. Email if you're interested though, you or anyone else. 10am? 11am? Who knows..."

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banana guy (not verified)

Come, ride with us. See the couple of rides on the home page. many are just right for getting into club riding.
Also, there are usually some of the more dedicated in the park tues and thurs evenings. They can also help you to decide on rides and routes.

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John Z (not verified)

Aerobars are an issue. While we welcome all riders, aerobars present a danger to other riders in a paceline accident, where the possiblity of impaling another rider is real. I don't know about some of the other structured series, but the A-Classic STS prohibits riding bikes with aerobars. Would it be possible for you to remove them?

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