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Has anyone an idea for early season riding in Europe where the weather is warmer and the streets are free from snow?
Thanks for your leads.

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Carol (not verified)

There's good cycling in Majorca as early as February. There are two excellent cycling camps on the island. One is Stephen Roche. The other I can't remember the name of, but contact club member Hajo Thiele at [email protected]

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Nina Ragone (not verified)
Spring Training in Europe

I've been in Sardinia last year in May, was great. I leaerned that the same organizer offers programs in Spain in March. Their website sounds cool, check www.eurocycler.com. I am thinking of going there, travel seems easy, just some miles north of Barcelona which can be reached on a direct flight from JFK. If anyone is interested, please let me know, maybe we can strike a group deal with them.

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Paul Spraos (not verified)
Spring Training

It depends what you mean by early season and how warm you want to be. If you want to go in March, you have to go south of NYC, which means flying to Malaga or Naples. But you're still taking your chances with the weather--it could easily be 40 degrees and raining.

You have to wait until the first half of May before you can be confident of warm and dry weather in southern Europe. Any earlier than that and you're taking your chances.

IMHO, the best time to go to Europe is late May or early June, before the summer rush begins.

If you really want to go somewhere in March or April, what about Tucson? The weather's great, there are lots of hills (including two HC climbs), there's plenty of stuff to do when you're off the bike, the shoulders make 9W look like single-track, and you can see some spring training of the baseball variety.

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Ray Taylor (not verified)

I'm with you all! Enough of this cold. I need some sun and open roads! I actually know someone who went on that Spring Training trip to Spain with that Eurocycler company an earlier posting had mentioned. They said they had a blast. I don't know if my work schedule will permit it, but I'm going to look into that. After the winter we've had, I think I owe it to myself.


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theo (not verified)

Check out Morocco and Tunisia. Lot's of sun great roads and weather and absolutely delicious food. I think There are cycling companies that oranize rides there. I have always gone with others or by myself and had a blast. You might also want to to check Crete out, in particular see the CRCA news bulletin a crca.net. I have also ridden on the French outpost of Freedom and had a blast. The gulf states are also fun to ride--Oman, UAE, etc.--but it looks like their will be Americans engaging in other sorts of activity there soon.

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